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Some Sources of Savings

There is no way to make a comprehensive list of where you can find savings. But our experience has shown there are a lot of common sources of waste in the modern organisation.

The key element to identifying it though, is to generate a master activity list and process maps for significant activities that cover the complete process from end-to-end. Without those you can’t see the problems and you can’t judge if they are problems at all.

Below is a general list of some of the productivity-killers we’ve found.

Oh, and there’ll be more after every project we do!


Paper filing parallel to IT systems Rekeying from one system to another
Duplication: Same data 2 places Duplication: Different people do same thing
Time spent queueing Senior staff doing low-level work
Shadow IT systems (Excel-ERP common) No data validation on entry
System truncates necessary data 100% checking when no errors
Excessive number of signoffs Historic steps “We’ve always done that”
Shadow records to protect v Head Office Different benchmark times same activity
Excess backup systems Unused reports
Processing backlogs Supervisors not supervising
No work allocation & followup Data loss and time searching
Parallel processing across agencies Unused IT/electronic workflows
Data in databases not used/known Backlog that isn’t (actually done elsewhere)
Data loss leading to rework Single person bottlenecks
Uneven workflows/workloads Manual workarounds
Excessive phone queries/emails No IT Benefit Realisation in processes
Failure to batch Benefits of centralising common tasks
Absence of call answers/email replies Unclear accountabilities (RACI matrix)
Same data into different forms No access to system information
Failure to use database/interfaces Diffuse responsibility-need single point of contact
Role design – inappropriate mix of tasks Poor system screen design
No SOPs or performance standards No clear contract/SLA with outsource providers
Insufficient use of specialist outsourcing Staff not trained for roles