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Facilitation and Strategic Planning in the Public Sector

Facilitation of a strategic planning day is a sensitive business.

At the end of every strategy day, every team wants more. They say “We should do this more often,” and that’s true. But each offsite can’t be just a sugar hit. Good feelings are great. You also need something to show for the day. You need to demonstrate value. You need runs on the board.

Make sure the time you spend at a facilitation day is valuable. Invest in facilitation days that solve operational problems.

facilitation public sector

Solve operational problems at facilitated away days and offsites

Here are some operational issues that Cindy Tonkin has helped resolve at offsites and strategy days. This list is not exhaustive. But it  may help you to define the focus of your next offsite. Work on problems like these:

  • cut down on the surprises caused by suppliers
  • set consistent work standards
  • realise some productivity gains!
  • get rid of bottlenecks in the workflow
  • head off recurring customer issues
  • identify and capitalise on the team’s strengths and weaknesses
  • resolve issues about head count, customer service failure, and other tricky operational issues.
facilitation public sector

All the traditional facilitation tools and more

Of course Cindy’s offsites can also guide you through the traditional SWOT, PESTLE, force-field analysis, pre-mortems and any other traditional tool. She can facilitate your team pulling together a strategy. But your offsite should also improve how you function back at work. More information on the kind of operational and corporate problems Cindy Tonkin can help you solve.

Your offsite must address an operational problem. But it needn’t be boring.

Cindy Tonkin has a background in improvisation, story-telling and games. She spent more than 20 years improving productivity in organisations. An offsite with Cindy promises variety, focus and operational problem-solving.

Find out more about offsites from Cindy Tonkin:

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facilitation public sector

Practical Facilitation Experience with Public Sector Agencies

Cindy has facilitated sessions with the following public sector agencies:

  • NSW Police LAC re-organisation project (Commanders)
  • NSW Police OCI
  • NSW Police Facilitators
  • Department of Ageing, Disability and Home Care Human Resources (DADHC)
  • Legal Aid NSW
  • Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART)
  • North Coast Mental Health Service
  • Sydney Trains Fleet Maintenance Division
  • Sydney Trains Occupational Health and Safety
  • Hume Community Housing

Aragon Gray Pty Ltd and Cindy Tonkin on the approved suppliers list for State and Local Government for services related to productivity and process review, training and facilitation.

Aragon Gray Productivity Consultants to the Public Sector