• NSW Govt prequalified

    Aragon Gray has been accepted as Prequalified Consultants under the NSW Government Performance and Management Services Scheme. That means NSW agencies can engage us a single quote for services like: Business Process Improvement Continuous Improvement Restructuring Strategy Facilitation These services are provided under the Work Types:  Service Delivery Improvement and Organisational Capacity. The Department of […]

  • More pressure on Better Regulation reporting

    NSW Premier Keneally issued a new Memorandum on Better Regulation reporting. With an aim of finding $500m by June 2011, the Premier is asking agencies to report: achievements in cutting red tape over the previous 6 months, including quantification of the cost savings of reforms to business, government and the community using BRO’s tool Measuring […]

  • Changes to Better Regulation

    The NSW Government issued a revised Guide to Better Regulation last month. Better Regulation is something we keep an eye on because of the importance of process in streamlining regulatory action. You may have encountered the term “failure demand” previously – I’ll blog about it elsewhere – but often it is process failure that causes […]

  • Teleconference to reduce travel costs?

    Having worked in academia, multinational corporate, public sector, and SME, I have always been struck by the complete waste of money that is most corporate travel. The conference justification: contacts.  The fly-four-hours-to-meet-for-an-hour justification: it’s political.  And I could list a lot more. Which is why I am encouraged by the growth of serious and fully […]

  • Blowout in Public Sector wages bill

    Andrew Burrell in today’s AFR reports on the $7.6bn blowout in all State Governments’ spending from 1 July 2008 to 1 July 2009 (no link, behind sub firewall). His claim is that this was mainly due to blowouts in PS wages costs, by 7.5% in NSW, for example. This blowout was in the face of […]

  • Be down to earth

    We’re direct. We keep it simple and we speak and write in plain English. We believe that consulting is about listening, using your experience and getting to the point. Example: Our reports don’t list client problems in management waffle: we suggest solutions in simple language.

  • Process Methods at Aragon Gray

    Recent brain-based research points to why involving people – and getting them to come up with the ways to improve processes – makes the change stick better, create less trauma and last much longer. Process improvement is successful when three factors are aligned: processes are clear (whether new or existing) managers support the change people […]

  • A little bit about method

    These are the sorts of questions we ask when we start out in organisations: what you do – and why we need to look at it how long it takes where you discover errors, what causes them and what’s the root cause where does the time vary to complete an activity – and why does […]

  • Process & Procedure Documentation

    All productivity and process improvement requires you understand your processes. Clear documentation, whether it is process mapping or procedure writing, is a central part of that understanding. Good documentation is a starting point for a range of benefits, including productivity improvement, training, risk management, quality, succession planning, compliance and automation. With years of experience in […]