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More pressure on Better Regulation reporting

NSW Premier Keneally issued a new Memorandum on Better Regulation reporting. With an aim of finding $500m by June 2011, the Premier is asking agencies to report:

  • achievements in cutting red tape over the previous 6 months, including quantification of the cost savings of reforms to business, government and the community using BRO’s tool Measuring the Costs of Regulation
  • plans to cut red tape over the next 6 months, including estimates of expected cost savings of reforms
    using the measurement tool.

Several of our previous clients have chatted to us about the difficulty of quantifying regulation savings. One thing they had in common was that they weren’t looking at what they do in terms of a flow of service to a client/customer. Meeting activity and delivery targets set by Strategy and Planning departments is one thing; actually reducing the time to completion from the customer viewpoint is another.

One of the most difficult things is to change your plane of vision from inwards – meeting the hierarchy’s demand for target numbers, evaluation and reporting – to outwards, where you consider the one thing customers/clients want from reduced regulation: faster end-to-end process turnaround.

Oddly enough, faster E2E processes deliver both better service and cheaper operations. The trick is how to find ways to speed up that process to completion.

Hate to make the sales pitch, but that’s where we can help.


PS: I’ll blog later on the BRO quantification template.

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